Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grammy's Valentines

Happy Valentines' Day, readers!

I don't have time to write much of a post today.  My husband and I are out in South Bend, were we attended the Army ball last night with our youngest son and his fellow Notre Dame Army ROTC cadets and their cadre.  (We're staying in the lap of luxury, at the recently renovated Morris Inn, right on the campus of Our Lady's university.)  We flew to our oldest son's house in MI on Thursday, spent a night there catching up with our three sweet granddaughters, and then borrowed his car and drove here yesterday.  We'll stay in South Bend tonight to visit further with our baby, then drive back to MI tomorrow after Mass to spend one more night with our firstborn's family, then on Monday we'll fly back home to NH to check on the mail and do some things that need doing, then a week later it's back to VA to play nanny to little G-Man...phew, we're traveling a lot lately, aren't we?  It's planes, trains buses, and automobiles for us these days.

SO...I won't write much today, but look for a post about the Army ball in the days ahead.  It was quite an event!

For now, I'm just going to show you Grammy's utterly adorable Valentines.

The girls showered us with hand-made cards, which totally melted us.
And speaking of melting...that's what I'm doing looking at this photo of G-Man sporting nothing but the Valentine's-themed bow tie that was hand-made by his mommy.

I don't even have to beg these four wee ones to be mine.  They already are--they're mine!  How lucky am I?

God bless you all, on the feast of St. Valentine!  May you be showered with love (and lipstick kisses!).