Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tummy Time with T-Rex

My 3-month-old grandson G-Man is not a huge fan of tummy time, an activity that's become very important for 21st-century infants who are back-sleepers.  (Back in the Stone Age when I was having my first babies, they slept on their tummies--so they had plenty of built-in tummy time.  It wasn't until our fifth that this practice was discouraged, so he was the only one of ours who slept on his back or propped up on his side.)

This morning, I decided to give the little guy a playmate for his tummy time session, and he seemed to really enjoy having his plush prehistoric pal up there on the changing table with him.  (I had my hand on his back, on the off chance that he would suddenly figure out how to roll over--lest you think I was so interested in getting cute shots that I wasn't being safety conscious!)

Here are some photos from tummy time with T-Rex, just about guaranteed to help you get through hump day with a smile on your face.

There was some real bonding going on in the nursery this morning, between the son of a man who has been a dino fanatic most of his life and this happy T-Rex friend.  I see a future paleontologist in the making.


  1. Cute! Meredith figured out how to roll over really really early and now when I try to make her do tummy time she just flips to her back and smiles at me like "yeah right mama." Then again she doesn't have a t-rex to bond with...

    1. Ha ha! Babies are utterly amazing! Always working things out.

  2. I'm dying looking at the one where it looks like he's "RAAAWWRRR"ing at the TRex! AHHHHH! I just love that little guy!

  3. I was thinking he looked like he was "Raaawwwrrr"ing too!! LOL So cute!

  4. Big smile this morning from this little guy's great great (or is it grand grand) (ouch) aunt. Wonderful that Grammy can be there. The photos are delightful. Love when he roaring back. Enjoy this precious time.