Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Irish (and Part-Irish) Mothers

I didn't write a St. Patrick's Day post yesterday, because while my New England boiled dinner was bubbling away in the crock pot, I was working on this post about The Nativity Stones Collection.  (And just a reminder: as a reader of this blog you can use the coupon code FAITH15 to get a 15% discount when you order a Nativity Stones Cross for that special someone--or yourself--as an Easter gift.)

But though I'm late to the St. Patty's Day celebration, I feel I must say a few words about the grand, Blarney-slinging, twinkly-eyed people St. Patrick came to save--from snakes, false Druid religions, and such-like.

I absolutely love the Irish.  My husband is 100% Irish, on both sides.  I'm only half-Irish on my mother's side (her maiden name was Kelly); my father's people do come from the British Isles, but they are mostly English--and were not exactly the biggest fans of the Irish throughout history.  I, however, am a big fan of the Irish.  The biggest.  There is just no one in all the world like an Irishman.

Remember what the crazy Irishman said in the movie Braveheart?
"In order to find his equal, an Irishman is forced to talk to God."
Now that is a classic quote.  And truer words were never spoken (am I right?).

I wrote this post called "Irish My Husband Is" back in December of 2012, wherein I waxed poetic about my very own favorite son of the Emerald Isle (which you can click over to read, if you're interested in visiting my archives).

I just love Irish wit and wisdom, as does every single member of the extended Pearl family.  I am especially touched by sentimental Irish quotes about mothers, these among them:

"God's most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a Mother's heart."

 "There is but one and only one whose love will fail you never. One who lives from sun to sun with constant fond endeavor."

 "There is but one and only one on earth there is no other. In Heaven a noble work was done when God gave man a Mother."

 "A Mother holds her children’s hands for a little while... their hearts forever."

 "A Mother is one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."
A part-Irish mother, dancing with her beloved mostly-Irish  21-year-old "baby" and one of her darling twin
granddaughters, at the wedding of her middle son (another mostly-Irish charmer) this past December.

This picture of my youngest son and me makes me tear up, but don't worry--if I'm crying into my green beer right now, you can be assured that the loving expression my boy is wearing here produces only happy tears for this luckier-than-the-Irish mom.

Slainte, everybody (a day late)!

(And one more reminder for you: leave me a comment by March 24, and you could win one of 7 signed copies of my novel Finding Grace--which features lots of endearing Irish American characters.)


  1. What a wonderful picture!

    And great quotes, thanks!

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  3. What an endearing photo, Laura!! :)