Monday, March 17, 2014

What I Wore Sunday: A Nativity Stones Cross

I haven't been participating in the What I Wore Sunday fashion party very much lately, because I feel like I've shared most of my Sunday best outfits with you already.  But yesterday I wore something very special to Mass, something that is so much more than just a pretty accessory, and I thought I'd show it to you (and let you know how you can get one for yourself--at a discount, no less--if you're interested).

With my liturgically correct purple dress (Coldwater Creek), which I've had for years, and lilac-colored chapel veil (Veils by Lily), which was a Christmas gift from my husband, on this second Sunday of Lent I wore a golden cross that has a Nativity Stone inside its center.
That's right, this cross holds a tiny stone that was part of the Manger Room of the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  This cross that I wore about my neck contains a stone that was a silent witness to the birth of Our Lord! I am humbled to own something with such incredible historical and religious significance, and I am also awed by the beauty of the ornately lovely piece of jewelry that was created to display it.
My deepest thanks to the people at The Nativity Stones Collection, who contacted me recently, after finding me through this blog, and offered to send me a Classic Nativity Stones Cross (one of the many beautiful designs offered by their company).  Their only request was that if I liked it and felt it was something I would be willing to share with my readers, I would write a blog post about it.  Well, dear readers, to say that I like it is quite the understatement.  I absolutely love it!  Layered in 18K gold, it is both an inspiring sacramental and an extraordinarily beautiful piece of jewelry--and I will be proud to wear it myself and spread the word about the company that created it to others.

The Classic Nativity Cross, which is about 1 and 3/4" long, and hangs from a thick 22" chain. 
Isn't it stunning?  (There is a petite version of this design,
which would be perfect for your favorite First Communicant.)
I was thrilled, after returning Saturday from a week-long stay at my oldest son's home in CO, to see that I had already received my gift from Nativity Stones in the mail, just a week or so after their first contact with me.  When I opened the package and saw the box inside, I was struck by the beauty of both the glorious cross itself and the lovely way it was packaged.
Inside the box, I found a certificate of authenticity stating that my Nativity Stone was truly taken from the Cave of the Nativity, the actual birthplace of Jesus Christ, and that the Nativity Stones excavated in 1963 are the only stones that were ever authorized to be removed from that sacred place.  It also states that in 2000, the Nativity Stones were honored with a plaque in the Vatican, further validating their authenticity.

You might be wondering why anyone would authorize the removal of even one stone from the sacred birthplace of Our Lord.  Apparently, an amateur archaeologist named Stanley Slotkin was vising the Cave of the Nativity in 1963 and noticed that a portion of the inside wall was being removed.  He learned that this one-time excavation was being done for the purpose of making another exit for the thousands of pilgrims who visit the site.  Slotkin asked the Mayor of Bethlehem if he could have the stones from the excavation, and the Mayor agreed and had them sent to the United States.  Initially, Slotkin gave away many crosses containing bits of Nativity Stones to various charities and terminally ill patients, as a way of spreading faith in Jesus; then more recently, his family decided to make them available to a wider audience through Nativity Stones jewelry.  These precious pieces are rare and limited in number, and they are sure to become heirlooms in your family.

What touched me most, when I received the first email from a representative of the Nativity Stones company, was this sentence: "We also sell in different retail stores, but we always try and reach more believers."  I am truly humbled that my blog was considered a way to do this; and any company that is more interested in reaching the faithful and spreading devotion to Jesus than in making money is quite all right by me!

If you are interested in giving a Nativity Stones Cross to a loved one (or to yourself!) as an Easter present, the company has graciously offered readers of String of Pearls a special Easter discount.  If you use the coupon code FAITH15, you will be able to purchase these unique and beautiful symbols of our Catholic Faith at 15% off the regular retail prices.

So go visit this wonderful site, and take advantage of this special Easter offer by using the coupon code FAITH15.  When your Nativity Stones Cross comes in the mail, I am absolutely sure that you will love it and wear it with joy.
(Before I sign off: while we're on the subject of business ventures that are focused on reaching--and making--believers, and on spreading the Truth of our Faith, I wanted to remind you about the "Finding Grace in Lent" giveaway: I'm giving away 7 signed copies of my novel Finding Grace, a recipient of the prestigious Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.  Leave me a comment on any post through March 24, and you will be entered to win.)

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  1. That cross is gorgeous! (Also, really special.)

  2. What an awesome story behind the cross! Love the liturgically-correct dress, too :)

  3. Thanks, everybody! I'm glad you like the beautiful cross. Maybe you should take advantage of that coupon...;)

  4. The cross is beautiful and what a lovely story behind it! Also, love your dress, Laura, very nice and you look beautiful!

    1. You are very sweet, I didn't feel beautiful. After my husband took this picture, I looked at it and said "ugh" (why are we so hard on ourselves?). I didn't ask for a re-take, though, because the important thing was that the cross looked good! :)