Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to...

my favorite my #2 son!

I really don't have any favorites.  But if I say that in the presence of my beloved second-born, he'll give me a look that says, Sure, ma.  You just keep saying that.  But we all know who it really is.

Actually, he won't just give me a look that says that.  He'll come right out and just say it.

Because among many other wonderful traits, this boy has a positively delightful sense of humor, and a booming belly laugh that you can hear across town--a laugh that makes you want to join in, even if you don't know what's so funny.

I've blogged about this wonderful son numerous times in the past; here are a couple of my favorite posts about him: this one, and this one.  They're pretty short and sweet, so why don't you click on over and I'll be here when you get back.

No birthday post about any one of my sons would be complete without a little trip down that well-traveled lane of memories; so here's my birthday boy in 1985, at around 6 months.  Is he cute or what?!?!?
And here he is in a more recent photo, one of my favorites of the two of us together (taken at a family reunion in 2012).
That boy gives the best bear hugs!  So does that make him my favorite?  Nah...I've got five favorites, I really do.

But today, on the anniversary of the day he made his entrance into the world and turned it into a better place by far...well, maybe today he can be the favorite.

Happy Birthday to my favorite second-born son!  XXXOOO  Mumsie

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