Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing the Favorite

My second son (who is still very sore, the poor guy, from the car accident he was in three days ago) likes to find ways to be called "Mom's Favorite"--even though it's just a joke, because my boys know I love them all the same. (They're all favorites.) Just the other day, though, he did earn temporary favorite status.

This son is currently interning as a high school math teacher. (He's already earned his undergraduate degree in secondary math education, and when he finishes his stint as an intern, he'll have his master's.) Periodically, the intern group meets to go over things with their advisor, and they take turns providing snacks for the meetings. My son asked if I would bake something, so I got up about 5:30 one morning and made two kinds of cookies for him to share.

That night, he told me that everyone loved my cookies--loved them so much that they told him they wouldn't mind if he brought all the snacks from now on. One of the girls, he claimed, bit into a cookie and said it was the best thing she'd ever had (it was just a basic chocolate chip cookie with white chocolate chips added--nothing special!), and she asked my son what was in my cookies that made them so good. He told me his answer was, "Deliciousness and love." he a great schmoozer, or what? I have to say, at that moment, he may have been my favorite...

This son likes to brag about my baking. And he enjoys playing an over-the-top momma's boy (to the amusement of his friends). He's such a funny guy, and so well-liked wherever he goes, that I think if anyone can make that a cool thing to be, he can.

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