Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Joining up with Other Catholic Bloggers

Today I joined the Catholic Bloggers Network (at least I think I did--I'm not exactly sure if I did it correctly!), adding my little "String of Pearls" to a list that includes over 600 bloggers who write about faith, homeschooling, parenthood, family life, and any number of issues near and dear to the hearts of Catholic blog readers.  (I'm way down on the list, at #640!)  You might want to head over there to see what they have to say.
Because today, I don't have much to say...but I have much to DO.

Today the Christmas decorations are coming down.  Which will actually take several days, probably, and I don't look forward to it; but I must begin this bittersweet process.

And I'm finally going to finish reading Patti Armstrong's novel for young readers, Dear God, I Don't Get It, so that I can write a review for Goodreads, Amazon, and CatholicFiction.net.  With any luck, that review will also make a good "What We're Reading Wednesday" post (a weekly Housewifespice link-up) for tomorrow.  Two birds killed.  One stone.

And I've got to go out to JoAnn's to purchase some fleece material with dinosaurs on it, because my #4 son has a birthday in a few days and I'm working on a present for him--and after all, don't all men who are turning 26 want dinosaur-print fleece blankies for their birthdays?

And I've got to sew up some new satin sashes for the two flower girl dresses I made a few months ago--because my little twin granddaughters, who were flower girls in son #3's wedding in early December and wore navy blue sashes on their ivory-colored dresses, are going to be flower girls for the second time in their young lives, in son #4's wedding in late February; but this time around, their sashes must be champagne-colored.   While I'm at it, I'm going to try to make a matching champagne-colored satin dress for their little sister--who will be celebrating her first birthday on the day of the nuptials!  So I've got to sit down at my sewing machine and get cracking!

Okay, so Catholic Bloggers Network: check it out.  You just might uncover some gems you didn't even know were out there!

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  1. You are in fact a busy bee... I feel like our lives are parreling each other right now. I have to take down my Christmas stuff, we have a late February wedding coming up AND I need to get my sewing machine out and whip up a garter!!! As long as you have YOUR machine out could you sew the garter? :) I am beginning to feel overwhelmed.... Any advice... You are a bit more experienced in the Wedding department!!!