Sunday, December 8, 2013

The First of Many Wedding Photos

I'm back after a pretty long hiatus...but as you know, we had a BIG EVENT in our family this weekend.  Our middle son got married!  It's late, and I really need to get to sleep--but before I do, I thought I'd share one of the photos I took at the reception, which was held in the most bucolic and magnificent setting imaginable (King Family Vineyard in Northern VA).  As my oldest son's wife noted, the surroundings were reminiscent of the English countryside--gently rolling hills, stables, horses and cows grazing on the hillside.  What a lovely backdrop it made for the photos of the wedding party!

I was going to leave my camera in my car and fight the urge to snap away as usual.  As the mother of the groom, I thought I ought to be off the clock for once and just relax; after all, there were professionals on site to take care of that sort of thing.   But I just couldn't help myself, and my husband encouraged me to do it.  So I joined the pros, who were incredibly nice people.  They were very  patient with me and assured me that I wasn't bothering them.  (Thanks!  You guys are the best.)

The photo I'm going to share here is quite special, because my new daughter-in-law is holding a picture of her parents on their wedding day, and my son is holding a picture of my husband and me on ours.  The idea is that when their own children get married, they can be photographed holding THIS picture, and that way it will include their parents and both sets of grandparents.  As my son, a proud new husband, commented about his lovely bride, "She has lots of good ideas."  Indeed she does!

There is nothing better than seeing the look of love and joy on the faces of these newlyweds.  Life is good.  So very good.