Friday, December 13, 2013

Blog Names for My Girls

Today's blog post was going to be an epic 7 Quick Takes Friday extravaganza (linking up with other bloggers over at Conversion Diary), with lots of pictures from my middle son's wedding last Saturday.  But I had an uncharacteristic sleep-in this morning, so I'm getting a late start at my computer.  And although gifts have been wrapped and sent to son #1 and his family and son #3 and his new wife, I've got almost no Christmas shopping done for the three sons who are going to be home this Christmas (aside from some awesome gifts I picked up on Etsy and a few stocking stuffers).  We're supposed to get socked with a wicked Nor'easter this weekend, so I thought before the snow started to fall, I'd head out to the mall.  BUT--I'm trying to stay on top of this blog (you're welcome, husband, baby sister, and a handful of other readers), so here are a few quick thoughts I typed up last night, imagining I could fashion them into a future post.

I figured it was time to come up with some new blog names for my daughters-in-law (daughters!), now that I have more than one. For those of you who are new to "String of Pearls," I've already given my granddaughters blog monikers: the twins are called "Bonny Babe" and "Cutie Pie," and their baby sister's alias is "Little Gal."  When I started blogging almost three years ago, I just numbered my five sons: son #1 (sometimes called "my firstborn"), #2, #3 (sometimes called "my middle son"), #4, and #5 (sometimes called "my baby").  Not very original, but it worked.

Now, however, I can't  just number my daughters.  It works for son #1, because he was the first one to get married, so I could call his wife "daughter #1"--as in, the first girl to marry into the Pearl family.  But I can't very well call son #3's wife "daughter #2," even though she's the second girl to marry into the family, because that would just get too confusing.  #1 goes with #1...but #3 goes with #2?  No one would ever be able to keep them straight!

So, I've decided to give the girls blog names.  Son #1's wife, whom I've always just referred to simply as "my daughter-in-law" on this blog, will heretofore be known as "Regina."  And son #3's wife will be known as "Preciosa."

So, readers, when you see the name "Regina," imagine the serene and regal face of the beautiful bride of son #1, shown in this picture taken on Dec. 19, 2009:
And when you see the name "Preciosa," imagine this precious, beautiful girl with a mega-watt smile that would light up any room, who became my middle son's wife on Dec. 7 of this year:
You can look forward to hearing a lot about my girls in the years to come.  They (and those darling granddaughters of ours) have added a much-needed jolt of feminine influence to what was once a male-only household (aside from yours truly).  As our family grows and changes, our blessings multiply a hundredfold!


  1. Love their new monikers!! They fit them perfectly. And thank you, I do look forward to reading your blog daily .... even if it is a little late!

  2. This is beautiful. It's so special that, one by one, you're gaining daughters after so many years of having all sons!

    "Preciosa" is going to LOVE her nickname, I just know it.