Monday, October 28, 2013

What My Little Sweeties Wore Sunday

I told you yesterday that I would try to get back to blogging daily, so here I am again!  And I warned you that although I've been a bit too link-happy lately, I was planning to write up a "What I Wore Sunday" post, and here it is.  (I can't give up the link-ups cold turkey, you know.)
When I saw the ensembles sported by my two-year-old twin granddaughters on Sunday morning, I knew I would have to share them.  Maybe it's because as a mommy, I had a houseful of boys--and no little girls with whom to play dress-up; but I just can't think of a cuter sight than wee lasses in white ankle socks and black Mary Jane's (which is exactly what any daughter of mine would have had to wear until she got old enough to drive to the mall and buy her own shoes).  And that's just what Bonny Babe and Cutie Pie were wearing on their way to church, where they were going to "see Jesus."  (They are angels as well as geniuses.)
Oh my gosh, is there anything more adorable than those little feet?

The dresses the twins wore were exactly alike--but not as identical as they are, because although the flowered frocks were the same style, they were different colors.  And they were tea length, which made the girls look so sweetly old-fashioned.
Adding little white cardigans just made the whole get-up that much more unbearably adorable.  Not to mention adding an armful of soft stuffed animal friends.
I stayed home and watched Little Gal (an eight-month-old sweetie with two bottom teeth who does nothing but smile and coo) while the twins went to Mass with their parents.  My husband and I had attended a special anticipated Mass celebrated in a huge heated tent on the grounds of the Air Force Academy the night before, just after the Notre Dame-Air Force game ended.  (We beat the Falcons 45-10, by the way.)  We had the Notre Dame Club of Colorado Springs to thank for providing the Mass, which turned out to be very helpful to my husband, who had to spend most of the day Sunday traveling back home from CO so that he could get back to work today.  He would have made sure to get to Mass regardless (only in the direst of circumstances would he ever resort to using the "traveler's dispensation" to miss his Sunday obligation), but it made things a lot easier for him.

So I didn't dress up for Mass this week.  I wore the same clothes to the after-game Mass that I'd worn to the football game.  Here I am with my daughter-in-law, just before we started our pre-game tailgater.  We were both looking pretty rah-rah Notre Dame, don't you think?  (My hair is hiding the navy blue shamrock appliqued on my jacket, with "ND" embroidered in the middle of it in gold.)
The Mass in the tent, surrounded by hundreds of other Notre Dame fans, proved to be a very moving experience for me--which surprised me, because I am seldom moved by outdoor Masses and much prefer celebrating Christ's Sacrifice and receiving the Holy Eucharist inside a church.  But twice, my eyes filled with tears.

But that's a subject for another post (and if I'm going to keep trying to blog daily, I need to conserve some ideas for another day, right?).

Okay, now head on over to FLAP and check out what the better-dressed bloggers were wearing yesterday.

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