Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Recycled Post about My Boys

I'm feeling overwhelmingly exhausted right now, after three straight weeks of traveling hither and yon by planes, trains, and automobiles (okay that's a lie--no trains were involved), so today I'm going to use a handy lazy blogger's trick and recycle an old post about one of my all-time favorite subjects: my boys.

This is how they looked when my baby (now just four months away from being old enough to walk into a bar and purchase an alcoholic beverage) had not even celebrated his first birthday yet.

One thing I just love about these snapshots is how my oldest son, unprompted, is holding the hand of his baby brother in both.  Even way back then, he was honing his nurturing skills.  He always worried about his younger brothers and was quite protective of them. Today, that sweet big brother is the father of three wee girls of his own: identical twins Bonny Babe and Cutie Pie, who are now two years and three months old; and petite Little Gal, who is just about the same age as as our youngest was when I sat my gang down on the couch for this 1993 photo shoot.

Wait a minute...I was just going to re-post something, and here I am in the process of writing an honest-to-goodness, brand-new blog entry.  So I'll end here, and  if you're interested you can check out a re-run of a post that's near and dear to my heart--and it must have struck a chord because it got a whopping 14 comments (28 if you count my replies), which on this little old blog of mine is record-setting.  Just click on the link and enjoy!


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