Friday, May 10, 2013


Oh, are you wondering why that title isn't "T.G.I.F."?  Well, this is my first installment of "What I Wore Friday," silly. (First and probably last.)  I'm thanking God that it IS Friday, though, because this Friday I'm en route to a whole week of happiness.

I'm heading out west with my husband, two-legging it by airplane, to spend some quality time with our oldest son, his wife, and their three little girls.  I usually try to dress up a bit when I fly; it's a holdover from when my husband was first hired by his airline a quarter of a century ago and there was a strictly enforced dress code for employees and their families when they were flying non-revenue standby.  I had to wear a dress, a skirt, or a nice pantsuit, along with hose and dress shoes.  No sandals, no sneakers, and no clothing items made of denim (not even a denim skirt).  My husband had to wear a suit coat and tie, and our boys had to wear button-down shirts, dress pants, and ties.  No sneakers for them, either. Over time, the rules were relaxed a bit, and my husband and sons could wear khakis and polo shirts.  I could wear denim.  Then all the restrictions were lifted completely, and like everyone else, we could travel in shorts and flip-flops if we so chose.  But I have sort of held onto the idea that flying is a special privilege and I should dress accordingly.

Not today, however.  I've finally decided that maybe it would be okay to dress like any paying passenger would dress.  I feel like a total rebel.  Today it's capri jeans and sneakers for me.  Oh yeah, and this fashion accessory, which I will add to my ensemble with the help of my in-flight fashion stylist.
Have a great weekend, wherever your travels may take you!


  1. Have fun! Give the girls a big kiss for me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, my sistah! (I'm at the airport in Boston right now, and that's how we say it here.) :)