Monday, May 13, 2013

What I Wore [Mother's Day] Sunday, Volume 11

It's Sunday once again, so I'm linking up with Kendra and brand new bride Emily for another exciting episode of
I've been privileged to spend this Mother's Day with my oldest son, his lovely wife, and their three adorable little girls (and my main man, of course, too).  The day brought flowers, cards, chocolates, e-mails, text messages, phone calls, etc. from my five grown sons and my wonderful husband.  But I don't believe I got any better gifts than the hugs and kisses showered upon this lucky grammy by her almost-two-year-old twin granddaughters.  These little misses don't just give quick hugs; they wrap their chubby pink arms tightly around you and rest their heads on your shoulder.  They plant themselves in your lap and burrow in. They cling.  They give open-mouthed, loud, wet kisses.  They have become masters of an activity that their papa and I have termed "shnuggle-buggling."  They are the best shnuggle-bugglers ever.

And their cuddly, laid-back little sister, not even three months old yet and already smiling and cooing to beat the band, is no slouch either.

To put it simply: I've been in Heaven.

We all went to 9:00 Mass together this morning, and the wee ones were perfect angels throughout. The twins sat with us in the pew and behaved impeccably.  Their baby sister needed a quick trip to the cry room for a feeding, but she too was perfectly angelic.  I hate to brag (okay, let's be honest--no I don't), but I think I just might have the most amazing grandchildren that have ever graced the planet.  Just sayin'.

Almost everything I wore to church today has appeared in previous WIWS posts.  (When I buy something, I plan to wear it over and over and OVER...that's how I roll!)   The only new piece is a blouse that I purchased on a girls'-day-out shopping trip with my daughter-in-law and the baby yesterday.  But sometimes all it takes is one new clothing item that mixes and matches with other things in your closet to give your wardrobe the lift it needs.
Breakdown of the outfit:
~Black knit jacket with ruffles: Dress Barn (seen before on Easter Sunday)
~Black skirt: T.J. Maxx (seen before paired with a purple sweater)
~Black patent ballet flats with embellishments: Payless (seen before with one of my favorite dresses)
~Sleeveless blouse with jewel-embellished collar: NEW!  From Sears; $34 marked down to $12.99! 

I love the blouse.  It's so light and flowy, and it's cut longer in the back (which makes it great for camouflaging certain areas that have no business being exposed).  I'm not sure, though, if I made a fashion faux pas by wearing a blouse that hangs way down below the jacket.  What say you, WIWSers?
I just have to give you a close-up look at this fabulous blouse.  I think it might be my favorite blouse of all time (not that I'm prone to using hyperbole or anything).
Don't you love it?  I rarely buy clothes at Sears, but after finding this little gem it may become one of my new favorite places to shop!  After Mass, I tried the new blouse out with my new pair of black cropped pants (a la Laura Petrie from "The Dick Van Dyke Show"--if anyone reading this remembers back that far!).  They are also from Sears, and also $34 marked down to $12.99.  Happy Mother's Day to me, right?  (Really, you've got to check Sears out!)
I didn't photograph my granddaughters in their Mass attire today, although they looked mighty sweet and feminine: the twins in their tea-length cotton frocks and white cardigan sweaters and Little Gal in a dress and sweater combo that was a gift from Papa and me. But I did happen to snap this shot of Cutie Pie in the play room yesterday, sporting her Easter bonnet and perusing her daddy's copy of The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is part of his daily reading.
It is so moving to see how much my son and his wife have devoted their lives to Mary--they have in fact consecrated themselves to Her.  And I get a lump in my throat when I help my son put the twins down for their naps or at bedtime, because the last thing he does (after stories, songs, and prayers) is to rub their backs and quietly remind them that Mommy and Daddy are in the next room, and if they get scared they can talk to their guardian angels or to Mary.  He talks to them every day about the greatest Mother of all, the Mother given to us by Our Lord while He was nailed to His Cross.  My son and his wife are doing their best to instill a deep love for the Blessed Virgin Mary in their girls at such a tender age; and because of that, I am sure they'll grow up secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens, they will never be alone.  They can always turn to Mary, the Queen of Heaven, the model for all mothers, and She will always be listening.

God bless all the mothers on earth, on this Mother's Day and always!  And Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

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  1. I did start writing this late Sunday night; it was really only 12:20 a.m. (only!), Mt. Time, when it got posted. My laptop still thinks it's on the East Coast. (Just so you don't think I'm completely crazy.)

  2. I think the blouse/jacket overlap looks totally intentional - it works! I'm so oblivious to fashion rules these days anyway, so I might not be the best judge :P Sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day!

  3. You look great! I love the new blouse. So pretty.
    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your Mother's Day!