Sunday, April 28, 2013

What We Wore [Last] Sunday, Volume 10

I couldn't access the Internet for about a week when I was out of town recently, so last Sunday I couldn't join all the other well-appointed ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple for "What I Wore Sunday," a weekly event that I've begun to enjoy being a part of.  So today, instead of showing you what I wore to church today, I'm going to show you not only what I wore last Sunday (several hours after Mass), but what some other important people in my life were wearing that afternoon, too.  Not to church, but to an event celebrating the upcoming Sacrament of Matrimony that two families will be celebrating along with their children.
From left to right in the back row, here are the players (also known as the parents of the two cute young things sitting in the front row) and what they wore:

~My son's Cuban-born future father-in-law: a light blue oxford cloth button-down shirt, jeans, and a smiling face laced with a healthy dose of Latin charm
~My son's future mother-in-law: beige linen capri pants (you can't see them here, but they were awesome), a navy blue sweater with ruffle accents over a white shell, a couple of happy tears in her eyes, and lots of loving expressions and radiant smiles directed at her beloved little girl 
~Me: a Danny & Nicole brand sleevless cotton dress, from the sale rack at J.C. Penney a few years ago (in a zebra print, which is a bit out of character for this conservative-dressing old lady) and a shrug from Dress Barn, along with a teardrop or two and lots of proud and happy "My boy is getting married!" smiles
~My hubby: his trademark leather cowboy hat, a Kelly green polo shirt (with Notre Dame-themed embroidery on it--another trademark as far as his wardrobe is concerned), jeans, and the killer jut-jawed smile that made me fall for him in the first place 
Here's a close-up of my "Sheena of the Jungle" dress (that's what my husband likes to call me
when I wear animal prints!).
The other three parental units are also wearing little pins made by my son's future m-i-l, with a photo of the happy couple on them; but I'm not wearing mine because it was pinned to my coat, and I removed that for this photo.  Most of the 25 people in the room wore these pins as fashion accessories that day.
Now here's what the future bride and groom in the front row wore:

~The bride-to-be: jeans tucked into brown leather boots, a beige sweater, a bold orange statement necklace, and most importantly, a mega-watt smile and a gleaming diamond ring
~The groom-to-be: cotton shorts and a good-looking polo shirt with a plaid collar, along with expressions of pride, relief (that the surprise had gone off without a hitch, after months of planning), and pure joy

Okay, that's what we wore.  Now head on over to FLAP, where you will probably get more detailed information ("deets," as the youngsters say nowadays) about where to find the latest and greatest fashions than you did from me here today!


  1. So nice! I love what everyone wore. I can't wait for this wedding ... I hope we're invited, and can make it!

    1. You will definitely be invited! Family first!

  2. We just saw the happy couple this morning!!!! It was a last-minute coincidence that they happened to be driving nearby. I just love your new daughter-in-law :)

    1. I was so excited when I saw your post about it! She's a sweetie, isn't she?

  3. What a joy filled occasion! How exciting to be preparing for a family wedding! You should wear jungle print more look fantastic in it!!

    1. Thanks! The fact that there were flowers mixed in with the zebra stripes gave me the courage to wear this dress.