Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Forget the Three R's; How About the Three B's?

I have a book recommendation for you, ladies (yes, ladies--because let's be real here: there are no gents reading this blog, aside from the male cheerleaders in my nuclear family). (They support me and cheer me on, is what I meant--not that they're actually cheerleaders.) (Not that there's anything wrong with being a male cheerleader--our youngest son rooms with one out at Notre Dame, and that kid is probably the best athlete he's ever met.)  (And hey, there's nothing wrong with being a female cheerleader either. Back in the 70's I did some stints as a cheerleader, you know--two years in junior high and one year in high school--so let's not have any of that cheerleader-bashing that seems to be in vogue these days.)

Let's move on to the book now, shall we?  I am recommending it to you even before reading it myself, which might be a dangerous thing to do.  I suppose I could read it, not enjoy it, and regret mentioning it at all.  But I don't think that's going to happen.  I learned about this book through one of the way-too-many bloggers I like to keep up with these days, Sarah Reinhard--who not only blogs, but is a successful author and the chairperson of the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Committee.  I trust her opinion.

Okay, so here's the cover of this intriguing book by Pat Gohn:
Catchy title, eh?  Those are three B words I would love to be able to apply to myself...with the exception of that last one possibly, because it reminds me of frightening terms like "booty-licious."  But here's the official on-line definition:

Definition of BODACIOUS

Southern & Midland : outright, unmistakable
: remarkable, noteworthy <a bodacious bargain>
: sexy, voluptuous <bodacious babes>
bo·da·cious·ly adverb

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Laura! I just ordered it :) This sounds like just the type of book I love (and have already read so many of). God bless!