Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warning: I'm About to Brag about One of My Kids!

If you read my blog often enough, you know that I have five sons and they all have a good deal of artistic talent.  I showcased dinosaur drawings from their boyhood days during a 5-day extravaganza called "T-Rex Week" back in June of 2011, if you need proof that I'm not just an over-proud mama.

While they all were endowed by their Creator with a great deal of natural talent, most of them stopped doing much artwork once they got to a certain age.  But son #4 (who recently celebrated his 25th birthday) continues to amaze everyone in our family with the imaginative artwork he creates.  He's always been a maestro using nothing more than a pencil, as evidenced during "Crazy Creatures Week" in August of 2012.  And he's no slouch when it comes to wielding colored pencils, either--as you can see by feasting your eyes on this detail-filled drawing he did for a co-worker as a Secret Santa gift in 2011 (which I first showcased in a post called "Lazy Saturday Mornings and Active Imaginations").
But in the past year or so, my uber-artistic boy has been fiddling with a computer drawing thingamajig called a Wacom Bamboo "Create" Tablet, a birthday gift he received from one of his older brothers.  This device lets him draw his artwork onto an electronic pad rather than actual paper (using a program called Sketch Book Pro), and then everything is magically transferred onto his computer screen.  Using this state-of-the-art gadget, he can then color and shade his work--without the mess and expense of paints and brushes.  In the hands of someone without true artistic talent, this newfangled device would be well-nigh useless; but with my boy's kind of talent, the possibilities for creating truly professional works of art are endless.

Yesterday, my son texted me a picture of the latest piece of artwork he had created using his tablet.
He actually entered this design in an on-line t-shirt contest--and though he didn't win, I told him he ought to send it out to Notre Dame to see if they'd be interested in making up some t-shirts with this image on it to sell at their bookstore.  I love my creative boy's original spin, combining the Four Horsemen with Irish leprechauns--and then giving the whole crew the look of the Ring Wraiths in Lord of the Rings.  It's pure genius (said his mommy!).  Don't you agree?


  1. Oh I love hearing bragging stories:) Absolutely fantastic artwork!! I think he should show ND too. Interested to read that your boys used to be all extremely talented and now don't put alot of energy into that area, have found the same with our children.

    1. Son #2 does pencil and charcoal drawings from time to time, but it's really this 4th son who has retained his childhood passion for doing artwork. He was a physics major and works as a civilian military contractor, but he'd love to figure out how to make a living as an artist. Who knows, maybe someday...