Monday, June 20, 2011

"T-Rex Week" Begins! (Episode 1)

On May 24 (in a post called "Drawing Dinos") I said to stay tuned for "T-Rex Week." Well, this is it, "T-Rex Week" is here!

I'm going to post a picture a day from now through Friday, one by each of my sons--who all spent a good chunk of their childhoods drawing these fascinating prehistoric beasts. It's easy to see why my boys were so interested in Tyrannosaurus Rex. After all, this creature was about 40 feet long, 15-20 feet tall, and weighed 5-7 tons. It had a massive head, with jaws that were about 4 feet long; it's teeth could be up to 9 (some sources even say 13) inches long, perfectly designed for ripping meat. Some scientists think T-Rex could run up to 15 MPH on its powerful legs. What a terrifying sight this monster must have been to its prey! It's no wonder he's called the king of the dinosaurs.

There, now that I've given a few facts, I won't feel like the only reason I'm doing "T-Rex Week" is because it's an opportunity to brag about my boys (although I do have to say that I think they all have lots of artistic talent).

Today's T-Rex is by son #1, rendered at the age of 12.

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