Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Woo Hoo! I Got My New Countertops!

I finally got my new countertops!  And I'm so very excited!

I'm aware that it's election day, in case you're wondering why in the world today's post is about countertops, of all things.  The presidential election is very much on my mind, and wondering what the outcome is going to be is making me a wreck.  So I thought I'd talk about something as far from politics as possible...like home decor.

When the fate of our nation has been decided, perhaps I'll let you know how I feel about the way things turn out after the polls close today.  I shouldn't...but I might not be able to help myself.  But for now, home decor it is!  And in that vein--

What is it about kitchen updates that makes women so deliriously happy?  Men get excited about electronics: big-screen TV's, surround-sound systems, wireless Internets, iGadgets, and such; women get excited about kitchens: cabinets, appliances, cookware, and dishes. And countertops!  Like these:
Maybe I need to provide you with a close-up, so you can get the full effect of my glorious, shiny,
pristine laminate counters that look exactly like real granite but cost approximately half the price.
There we go.

If you are a female and you're reading this, I defy you to tell me I'm wrong about this.  You may even consider yourself a committed feminist ("Why are women defined by sexist stereotypes?" you ask.  "Why does everyone assume that women are the ones who have to cook and clean and do laundry?"); but I bet you get more excited about a new covered casserole dish than your man does.  Or a new front-loading washing machine.  And I'm pretty sure you get a lot more excited than he does at the prospect of new kitchen countertops.
My husband was only excited about our new faux granite laminate countertops insofar as he knew how excited I was about them.  But that's good enough for me.  He was willing to spend the money on them to make me happy in the kitchen.  And I'm so happy!  The cookies I bake may not taste any better just because I have new countertops.  But when I'm working in there, slaving over my hot stove, I like what I see so much more than the tired, worn-out countertops that were original to our 25-year-old house, the ones I'd sponge-painted to look like faux granite in order to get a few more years' wear out of them.  And you know what they say: "When Mom's happy, everybody's happy."  And Mom is most definitely happy!

We weren't planning to get a new kitchen sink, because it seemed like the stainless steel double sink we had was still in pretty good shape.  But our little remodeling project revealed some rust on the underside, so we sprang for a new, shinier and slightly deeper, double sink to go with the new countertops.   My cup overflows!  (Hopefully, my new sink won't.)
I know it's not the snazziest kitchen you ever saw; but it's mine, and I love it!
Life is good here in the Pearl house.  For a long time, I was chugging along just fine with my DIY faux-ny baloney granite countertops; but when I gaze upon these much better-looking replacements, there is a new spring in my step as I putter around in my kitchen!

Thank you, my beloved husband.  You are, as always, my hero!  If I could, I would vote for YOU for President!

(Did you notice the time?  That's not a mistake--it's not even 1:00 a.m. yet as I get ready to publish this post.  On the eve of the 2012 election, I'm sitting here at my laptop, "Sleepless in a Swing State.")


  1. I get so excited about home decor too! Once, at Ikea, the blanket I'd had my eye on was not available in the regular section, but there was one perched on display on a very high ledge at the front of the store. On the way out--in front of a lot of people--Steve went over and reached up to grab the display blanket, just because he knew this was the one I really wanted! So I agree--husbands who do things to make their wives happy are just the best.

    Praying for a good outcome tonight, too :)

  2. Haha, "Sleepless in a Swing State" - I love it. The countertops look great!!

  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!

    1. It's going to be so much fun having all of you here!

  4. A new countertop is definitely a reason to be excited, especially if it’s one that’s as beautiful as yours! I remember when our countertop was replaced with granite. I was so thrilled to cook in the kitchen right away! It renewed my passion for cooking almost immediately!

    >Robbie Marinero

    1. Most of the comments I get are from folks well-known to me, so this one surprised me! Thanks for stopping by "String of Pearls."

    2. Most of the comments I get are from folks well-known to me, so this one surprised me! Thanks for stopping by "String of Pearls."