Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've always had very fine, very straight hair--and envied those gals who have thick masses of glorious natural curls.  As I get older, my fragile hair seems to be falling out at an alarming rate.  I worry that one day, patches of scalp will be visible between the sparse strands (and when that happens, my friends, I intend to buy myself an awesome wig!).

I have been spending time lately with a couple of little girls who have hair very much like their grammy's.  My twin 18-month-old granddaughters have fine, straight, flyaway hair that often sticks up straight when there's a lot of static in the air.  Up until not that long ago, they were essentially bald, and there are still patches of scalp to be spied on their precious little heads.  On top of that, their hair is growing in as little mullets, with extra long strands in the back.  But you know what?  On those two, this redneck hair-do is incredibly cute!
Look at the back of Bonny Babe's adorable little noggin.  On this cute little monkey, the fine straight hair that I bemoan having looks right at home.

I'm not going to complain about my hair anymore.  (My husband will not believe that statement for a second, but at least I'm going to TRY not to complain.)  If hair like mine is good enough for my little darlings, it's good enough for me!

(My title today makes no sense, does it?  I guess I was thinking that, just as my granddaughters were bald not too long ago, I am probably heading in that direction myself!)

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