Saturday, November 17, 2012

Busy Day Ahead, Sports Fans!

I've got a busy day ahead, so I don't have a whole lot of time to blog this morning from out here in sunny South Bend, IN.

My husband and I are leaving our hotel room pretty soon to go on a Sam's run with my sister-in-law--to stock up on food and libations for the tailgater we'll be enjoying with two of our sons and a slew of other relatives and friends prior to the Notre Dame v. Wake Forest game. Then after the big parking lot party, I've got a date with this guy.
Don't worry, sports fans.  My husband will be there, too...along with about 80,000 other people.  It's not THAT kind of date.

My day is looking pretty good, if you ask me.  Hope yours is equally swell!

Go Irish!  (Manti Te'o for the Heisman!)

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  1. Manti et. al. did a fine job, and ND remains undefeated, 11-0. (And by the end of the night, after both Kansas St. and Oregon lost their games, we jumped from #1! Woo hoo! Go Irish!)