Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Brunch X

My husband and I love Sunday brunch after Mass.  It's a meal we look forward to every week.  We usually have over-easy eggs, bacon (of course, because what would breakfast or brunch be without bacon?), toast or English muffins, and then something a little bit sweet, like doughnuts or cinnamon coffee cake.  I don't know how my husband enjoys all of that without a cup of coffee to go along with it, but he does; so he drinks his milk and I drink my coffee and everybody's happy.

Yesterday, we went a little bit off-script and had a scrumptious broccoli-egg-and-cheese Crock Pot casserole with our bacon, instead of our usual over-easy's.  After spending a couple of weeks recently with my oldest son, his wife, and their twin girls out in Colorado, I have become inspired to use my Crock Pot more often.  My daughter-in-law is always trying out new recipes with hers, and every time I visit I look forward to those fabulous dishes she concocts.  When I got home, I made three Crock Pot meals in a row--copying three I'd had while I was out there that I couldn't wait to taste again.  I would give you the recipe for this delectable egg dish, which tastes like quiche without the crust, but it's not mine to reveal.  If my daughter-in-law wants to post it on her blog, "Knit 1 Pearl 2", she can do that; but I'm just going to post this picture:
Oh, and did I forget to mention that we had some glorious bacon, too, not just your run-of-the-mill variety, from my husband's latest shipment of Amazing Clubs'  "Bacon of the Month" Club (a Father's Day/birthday gift from son #3)?  Well, we did.  The bacon we cooked up yesterday was called "Soarin' Swine Mesquite Bacon."  (I love the flying pig on the label; for more on my curious attachment to pigs, see previous posts "Oh, for Pigs' Sake" and "Mmmm...Bacon".)  This brand of bacon is sliced extremely thick; in a one pound package there are--get ready for this--only SIX slices!  So my husband had three of them...along with the two equally thick slices that were left over from the package of "Longhorn Lucy Buffalo-Style Bacon" he'd cooked up for himself last weekend while I was out in Colorado.  (While the cat's away, the mouse will eat almost a whole pound of bacon by himself.)  I've got to show you a picture of how this amazing bacon looks all cooked up:
This is not your typical grocery store bacon, I'll tell you that.  We usually buy the store brand thick-sliced bacon, but whoever packages it doesn't really know what thick means.  THIS is thick.  This is bacon fit for a cowboy (and if you read this blog much you probably know that my husband is a cowboy wannabe).  I don't know where (or if) you can get this bacon outside of Amazing Clubs, but if you are a true bacon lover, you really must try to find it!

So, that's the story of our decadent Sunday brunch yesterday.  It was Sunday Brunch X (not ten; EXTREME--you know, like the X Games for extreme sports?).  I'm still having a bit of a Sunday brunch hangover, if you must know the truth!

P.S. Are you impressed with all  the links I put in this post?  Can you tell that I just learned a new computer/blogging skill?

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