Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yesterday, my husband received a glorious package in the mail: the first shipment of the "Bacon of the Month" Club from Amazing Clubs, which our middle son, son #3, enrolled him in as a birthday/Father's Day gift.  You may recall that awhile back, this son gave me a similar birthday/Mother's Day "gift that keeps on giving" (the "Coffee of the Month" Club, which I blogged about on 5/15/12).  My husband's gift package contained two types of bacon: "Sir Pigsley's," which is Honey BBQ Rub Hickory Smoked Country Bacon; and "Rita Hogsworth's," which is Maplewood Smoked Country Bacon.  They both sound delightful.
The thing I love about pigs, like this angel pig figurine that my second son gave me last year as a Christmas present, is that they are adorable.  I have a vast pig collection in my kitchen, and this little guy is my newest addition.  What he doesn't seem to get, however, is that even people like me--people who think pigs are just about the cutest animals on earth, after dogs--like to eat them.  What he doesn't seem to get, as he sits there next to those packages with a sweet smile on his face, is that someday, he could wind up as finger-lickin'-good breakfast food (or let's be honest, anytime food) himself.  Pigs are not just cute; they are delicious.

We love bacon around here.  It goes with just about everything.  You can even wrap it around a Snickers bar, as our middle son did once to prove that point.  (He claims it was delectable.)  Our family gets a huge kick out of Jim Gaffigan's comedy routine about bacon.  If you're a bacon-lover and you enjoy a good laugh, you should look it up on YouTube.  It's positively hilarious.  And very, very true--every word of it.

There are very few vegetarians in either my husband's nuclear family or mine; we are mostly unapologetic carnivores.  At the huge reunion that was held recently at my baby sister's house (where my parents, my four siblings and their families, and my eight first cousins on my mother's side and their families all gathered for our second annual camping "Palooza"), my brother-in-law cooked up 18 pounds of bacon one morning.  You read that right: 18 pounds!  There was none of this "Take two slices for now and wait until everyone else gets some" nonsense; we could pile our plates high with bacon.  It was a bacon miracle!

Have I said enough about bacon yet?  Is it possible to ever say enough?  And how do I end this post?  I guess I'll just end by saying that as long as there is bacon in the world, it will be impossible for me to give up meat and become a herbivore.  (As Jim Gaffigan would say, "Sorry, salad.")


  1. When I was a kid, I used to hate bacon -- can you believe it?! It's so delicious.

  2. It's crazy the food items that little kids will choose to hate! For my part, I used to despise gravy. (It would be better for me if I still did, but sadly, that is not the case!)

  3. I would love to be able to post a picture of Jeff cooking the bacon!! I just had to take that!