Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The "Older Four"

Yesterday, I posted a sketch I did in college of the "younger four" children in my husband's family.  I did it as a Christmas gift for my late beloved mother-in-law, when I was still just the girl who was dating her oldest son.  Mom was always the gentlest of critics when it came to my artwork, and she fiercely supported me in my artistic efforts, no matter how amateurish they were.

She was, as one of my sisters-in-law put it, a "brutally honest" person, however; so when she opened that gift on Christmas, she said, "This is nice, but now you need to do a sketch of the older four to go with it."  Nuts, I hadn't been expecting that reaction.  But guess what she got for Mother's Day that year?

I don't think this sketch of the "older four" is as good (and I use the term loosely) as the other one, because at least I had a photo to use as a reference when I was trying to draw the younger Pearl kids.  This one came completely out of my head, and it shows.
Anyway, this drawing was not made with a whole lot of skill, but it was definitely made with a whole lot of love.  I wanted to please the woman who, within three years of receiving this drawing as a gift from me, would become my mother-in-law.  And after all the time I'd spent around her during the years I'd been dating her son, I should have known when I gave her that first sketch that she wasn't going to be satisfied unless all eight of her kids were accounted for!

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