Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Mass is Still the Mass...

This is the inside of the church in Prague that is the home of the miraculous Infant of Prague statue.  My husband, who flew an airplane filled with passengers over to that European city a few days ago, took this picture with his iPhone.  Isn't this Catholic church simply magnificent?
I am in the process of getting ready to attend a 9:00 Mass, and I find myself wishing that I was going to be having the experience in surroundings like this--sitting in the midst of the kind of beauty that lifts my soul and makes me feel almost as if I'm in Heaven--instead of at our lovely, but far less grand, nearby parish church.

But it doesn't matter what the building looks like.  The Mass is still the Mass, and being there in the pew on Sunday--commemorating the Lord's great sacrifice for all mankind; receiving the Blessed Sacrament (the very Body and Blood of Christ!) and all the graces it offers us; giving that one hour of our time to God every week--is the important thing.

God bless you on this glorious Sunday!


  1. Oops...the cathedral above is in Malaga, not Prague. My husband took a trip to Malaga, Spain right after the one to Prague, and I got the pictures mixed up. I'm married to a world traveler, aren't I?

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  3. I know, isn't it beautiful? This past year, I finally took some trips with my husband: to Nice, Amsterdam, and Athens. And one thing I learned is that the Catholic churches in Europe are so stunningly beautiful that they literally bring tears to your eyes! Mr. Pearl has been telling me about them for years, and he wasn't exaggerating!