Sunday, August 19, 2012

Get Ready for "Crazy Creatures Week"!

It's obvious that my five boys are no longer living under this roof (we had our youngest son here all summer, but he's back at Notre Dame now, beginning his sophomore year)...because I forgot all about the fact that last week was "Shark Week" on the Discovery channel!!  Yikes, that was a big week around here, once upon a time, and I let it slip by without even noticing.  Life has been sort of busy lately, but c'mon!  It was "Shark Week," for crying out loud!

In June of 2011, I did a "T-Rex Week" (which is in the archives under "art"), showcasing T-Rex drawings by all of my sons--one each for five days straight--as a sort of homage to the "Shark Week" phenomenon.  I've decided that the coming week is going to be "Crazy Creatures Week" here at "String of Pearls," and I will post a drawing each day, from Monday through Friday, rendered by my #4 son when he was a good bit younger.  He came up with these bizarre monster/alien creatures (which sprung to life right out of his head, via his fertile imagination), and I put a whole slew of them away for safekeeping, because I thought they showed a unique and inimitable artistic talent.

So be ready for it.  It's going to be a winner, I promise you.  You will be amazed, entertained...and possibly disturbed!  These are creatures like none you've ever seen before!   (Except perhaps in movies about alien invasions.)

As a little teaser to show you what's in store, I give you these two samples:
(Hey, this one is sort of a shark!  I feel better now about missing "Shark Week.")

(Notice the helpful "6 ft." measurement, so that you can tell how big the creatures would
 be next to the average man.)
Keep in mind that these two drawings were done when my son was about 11 or 12, without the incredible amount of detail that he began to add to his works.  The ones I'll post starting tomorrow were done a few years later, when he was about 15--and they're going to knock your socks off!

Okay, then, "Crazy Creatures Week," starting tomorrow.  Don't miss it, the way I missed "Shark Week"!


  1. I had no idea Jim was so talented!

  2. All of my boys can draw really well (if you check out "T-Rex Week," you'll see this); but Jim is especially talented, because he doesn't even have to use models--he just draws what's in his head!