Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Crazy Creatures Week," Day Four

I have no words for this one.  I can't explain it, the way I could yesterday's drawing of the mythological three-headed hound called Cerberus.  As far as I know, my #4 son is the only person in the universe who knew this crazy creature existed before he set pencil to paper about nine or ten years ago and brought it to life.

So all I can say is...drink it in.
Look it over carefully and notice all the incredible detail that went into creating this, serpent/dinosaur/bodybuilder/ninja/medieval warrior, or whatever the heck it is.  Like I said, just drink it in--and be duly impressed by the artistic talent of my highly imaginative boy.


  1. Wow! I showed this one to Steve and he thought it was great, and maybe a little strange (only in the best way, though!).

    A few years ago Steve asked Dan to do a drawing of Steve and me as a Christmas present for me, and it's one of my absolute favorite pieces of art we have. I really wish I had that kind of artistic talent!

  2. It's definitely strange...but boy can he draw!

    And I agree--that drawing Dan did of you and Steve was so good that I took pictures of it for myself. He worked really hard on that, and I think it turned out so well! I remember reading the sweet thank you card you sent him, too, and thinking Steve better hang on to this girl!

    1. Oh, that's so sweet that you remember this!!