Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where Are Grammy's Toes?

I'm going to post a picture today that's kind of weird, but kind of neat, too (at least I think it is).  This sweet vignette presented itself as I sat on the floor with one of my darling granddaughters lying between my legs, so I grabbed my trusty iPhone (which is never far from my person at any given time) to capture it.  Do you ever like to snap unconventional pictures, deluding yourself for a moment that you're some kind of artsy professional photographer?  Well, I do.  It's my shameful secret.  It wouldn't be so shameful if I was better at it, I suppose.

Oh, well.  Anyway, here's my latest attempt at using my iPhone camera to create "art."  (I adjusted the color to soften it, thinking this effect would increase the artsiness* factor.)
Last week while we were down in Alabama staying with our son and his wife and their completely beguiling and edible one-year-old twin daughters, my husband and I spent a lot of time on the olive green fleecy blanket pictured here, playing on the floor with the twins (it was so much fun on this blanket that we started calling it the "magic blanket").  Those girls love this blanket; when you spread it out on the rug, they run over to it, plop down and do a face plant, and then they snuggle right into it and roll all around.  Papa and I liked to position ourselves on it whenever possible, knowing it would draw them to us.  Having this picture of Kewpie Doll and me hanging out on this blanket will keep those memories alive for me when she and her sister are too big to want to hang out on the floor playing with Papa and Grammy.

And when they're too big to be interested in playing with Grammy's toes.

Right now, the girls are very into learning body parts.  Kewpie is especially funny about eyes, which she loves to point out to you, with her chubby little thumb straight up and her index finger straight out (the two digits forming a little pointing "gun").  Of course, she likes to show her open mouth to you as well, pointing into it while she says "eye."  (She's hilarious, by the way.)  We talked a lot about eyes, noses, mouths, toes, and belly buttons while we were hanging out with our two miniature buddies down there.  If Papa and I could have gotten the girls to show us their belly buttons on command before we left the South, that would have been the proverbial icing on the cake.  ("Where's your belly button?" was always my favorite question to ask our boys when they were one.)

I don't think I asked "Where are Grammy's toes?" right before I snapped this picture.  But Kewpie probably sensed that I was wondering if she knew where they were, and she read my mind.  Because she and her identical partner-in-crime are a couple of little geniuses.  That's right, my granddaughters are geniuses.  You heard it here, folks--and I wouldn't lie to you.

*Artsy is a word, but apparently, artsiness is not.  However, I decided that it should be and just ignored that annoying little squiggly red line. 

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