Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Magic Blanket(s)

Yesterday, I talked about my granddaughters' "magic blanket"--a big, soft, fleecy, olive green blanket that they love to dive onto whenever they see it spread out on the floor.  When my own boys were sprats, we had a magic blanket, too; actually, our family had three of them, exactly alike: they were comforters designed to resemble football fields, which we bought for the twin beds of our three oldest sons when they were very small.

We used these blankets on the beds for many years.  When they began to wear thin (and we replaced them with brand new, Notre Dame-themed comforters for all five boys) they became our T.V.-watching "couch blankets," and we used them for many more.  We still have at least one of them up in the attic, and I may be forced to break it out when the grandkids come to visit.

Here are some classic shots of our boys under our family's magic blanket(s):
1989: Snug as four bugs in a rug.
1993: And baby makes five--there are now five bugs.
1995: One little baby bug--at home, napping on the go (while the big guys are at school).

Does your family love blankies as much as ours does?  Are they draped over the backs of all of your couches and overstuffed chairs?  That's the way it is around here, even though there is no longer any one, specially designated "magic blanket"...and even though the bugs are considerably bigger than they used to be!

P.S. Happy 4th of July, fellow patriots!  And Happy Birthday to the greatest nation on earth.  Hope you're all having a great holiday, and that the fireworks in your town will not disappoint!

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