Friday, July 13, 2012

Going Green!

The title of this post probably made you think that I've decided to become a card-carrying member of the Sierra Club or something, but I was just referring to my gardening thumb...which has always been very brown...but which I'm trying to turn green.

Vegetation tends to die under my care.  I don't know why this happens.  I was able to grow five children successfully, but I can't grow plants and flowers.  So in my garden areas outside, I have nothing but perennials, such as day-lilies (which I just love!), because they come up on their own each year and flourish under my regimen of benign neglect.  

A couple of years ago, at an end-of-season clearance sale, I bought four decorative planters at the Christmas Tree Shop for a ridiculously low 97 cents apiece.  I thought some pots of lush, colorful flowers would spruce up the front walk and porch nicely.
Do you see that green stuff growing in those pots at the bottom of the steps?  Were you thinking that perhaps I planted some herbs instead of flowers this year?  Well, I'm ashamed to admit that those are just weeds in there--because up until yesterday, I hadn't gotten around to planting any flowers in my bargain basement flower pots.  Those pots had been sitting there with nothing but dirt in them (until the weeds took over); because up until yesterday, I hadn't gotten around to planting any flowers.  That's right: summer's half over, and I've just begun my summer gardening.

I feel like I have a million good excuses, though.  I've been out-of-town more than I've been home so far this summer, with trips to VA, AL, and Upstate NY behind me already--and two more trips to NY coming up pretty soon.  I've never been one to enjoy working in the yard in the first place (I've never fantasized about having a cleaning lady, but I sure would like to have a landscaping crew at my beck and call); but this year I've really neglected it, and the weeds and the crab grass are growing...well, they're growing like weeds.  (L, not quite OL.)

There's nothing like having company coming to make you get off your tushie and get to work, though, is there?  Today, my sister-in-law (who lives in FL) and her family are coming for a visit, and therefore it was suddenly obvious to me that things were looking pretty sad around here.  So yesterday and the day before, I worked like a dog outside--weeding, edging, cleaning off the deck furniture, and filling my pots with flowers.
...and after.
I know petunias and marigolds aren't exactly cutting edge, and my house isn't going to make it onto the 2012 Garden Tour...but those pots sure look better with flowers in them!  

Hey, this old thumb of mine may turn green yet.  There's always hope!

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