Saturday, April 28, 2012

eThis and eThat

On April 24, I wrote a post called "Lost in the World of Technology," in which I bemoaned the fact that eBlogger (the outfit that provides me with free access to its services so that I can send my little musings and ramblings out into the blogosphere every day) had changed its look and layout, leaving me feeling lost for awhile.  How dare they confuse me, I thought, just when I'd begun to feel so comfortable with the blogging process.  I mean, I was on my way to becoming a techno-nerd, practically.  (Hyperbole, anyone?)

I searched the internet that morning, hoping to unearth some humorous cartoon that would be a fitting addition to that particular post, and I found one that I thought expressed what I was feeling.  It was okay, I guess; but yesterday in my cyber travels, I found an even better one.  As soon as I saw it, I thought of how betrayed I'd felt the other day and said to myself, "Ain't this the truth?!"
You've probably seen some humorous, old fashioned-looking illustrations (called "your ecards") similar to this one already; if you're on Facebook, they are being shot all over the place--with "like" thumbs up's and comments attached.  (Ah, Facebook: my new passion.  There's a subject for another day!)  Some of them are so sharp and witty that you will find yourself L-ing O L along with your phalanx of Facebook friends.

Here's one that made the rounds recently when son #3 sent it to his brother, son #2, who has been sporting facial hair in various lengths and styles (from the neatly trimmed goatee to the truly scary, long, scraggly, unkempt mountain man beard) for the past five or six years.  Along with the ecard, son #3 said this: "I am sure you concur with this gentleman."  The words our middle son employed there, we thought, were every bit as funny as the ones in the caption, and they just added to the humor.
If you have a Facebook account and you haven't seen one of these funny, vintage-style ecards yet, I'm sure it won't be long until one of them ends up on your news feed.  Whoever is responsible for them, kudos to you, my friend.  They have made me :) and LOL like nobody's business.

(And as a sidenote: I am finding that eBlogger is actually a bit more user-friendly since it's been revamped.  That'll teach me to dread change!)

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