Monday, April 23, 2012

Cowboy and Son at a Football Game

Saturday at the Notre Dame Blue-Gold game, I took this candid shot of my husband and our youngest son--probably going back and forth about the team's prospects for next year like a couple of ESPN talking heads. I think I've mentioned before on this blog that I like taking shots of people from the back, capturing spontaneous, real moments as they interact. These types of photos are so much more genuine than the typical "Everybody smile! 1-2-3...Cheese!" pictures (although I love those, too).

My adorable and equally camera-happy sister-in-law, who was seated beside me, saw what I was up to; so after I took this picture, she had my husband and my son face each other and pretend they were talking. Click! Great shot. And then she instructed my husband to put his arm around our boy's shoulder. Click! Another great shot. Those two pictures that came just after this one are just precious; they don't even look staged. But this is the one that wasn't posed, and it's the one I like best.

So I give you my latest photographic triumph, which I've decided to call "Cowboy and Son at a Football Game."

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