Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pleasing Plumpness, and Cuteness in General

I hope you're not tired of hearing about my twin granddaughters, because I'm sure not tired of talking about them. These two baby girls have the cutest faces and bodies. Put all of their different parts together, and they comprise perfect tiny humans who are without a doubt the embodiment of the phrases "pleasingly plump" and "living dolls."

For a good example of this pleasing plumpness, I give you Cutie Pie's chubbly little leg. Look at those folds of pink baby fat: is that the most adorable, chunky little thigh you've ever seen, or what? As much as I love them, however, I don't wish for thighs like those myself--no offense, girls--because somehow that plumpness is not quite as pleasing on an old grandma of fifty-three. But on my granddaughters, these chubby little legs are irresistably cute.

I'm going to pass on the chunky thighs, if that's okay; I would like to have the twins' eyelashes, however. Look at them! They are so long and lustrous! The lashes in this picture belong to Cutie Pie, but Bonny Baby has a set just like them. Incredible. I often find that boys are born with thick, gorgeous eyelashes, an attribute about which they could not care less (my husband has them, the bum!), and girls are cursed with sparse ones that need a little help from Maybelline. I don't think these lucky little girls will ever need eye make-up (and I'm sure their daddy would be just as happy if they never discovered such a thing existed).

Now take a gander at Bonny Baby's chubby little wrist, with that deep crease in it. This is another perfect example of plumpness at its most pleasing, don't you think? This little wrist and hand look like they belong to a Cabbage Patch Doll, but they are in fact part of a true living doll.

It's well nigh impossible to keep from kissing and hugging these irresistible babies--these human Cabbage Patch Dolls (with way cuter faces!)--to pieces. Papa and I are thoroughly enjoying our stay with them and their mommy and daddy. What fun it is to be surrounded by such pleasing plumpness and overwhelming cuteness!

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