Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jeepers Creepers

I'm late getting to my blog today, but it's not because I slept in or anything. Actually, Grammy has been up since five o'clock (Papa, too). Our son and his wife told us when we arrived at their house last night that the twins are always really happy first thing in the morning, so we told them to wake us up when the babies got up. And the early wake-up call was well worth whatever sleep we sacrificed, because they are such happy little campers at that early hour! They are both very smiley and talkative--in their own special way, that is: Bonny Baby blows lots of loud bubbles, and Cutie Pie squeals. They are positively adorable, and it's just about impossible to be near them and keep yourself from sniffing their downy little heads and kissing their chubby little cheeks.

I had my husband snap this picture of Cutie Pie peering over my shoulder. Jeepers creepers, where'd she get those peepers?! I tell you, she and her sister have just about the roundest, bluest eyes I've ever seen. And the thickest, longest eyelashes. Lucky them--I don't think they'll ever need to wear mascara.

These two little dolls definitely keep their parents hopping, and I'd like to say right now that mothers of multiples are my heroes. My daughter-in-law deserves a medal for the way she handles all the demands of not one, but two, needy five-and-a-half month old baby girls. And I'm quite proud of my oldest son, too, for the way he pitches in and splits the baby duties with her 50/50 whenever he's not at work. We're hoping that while we're here, we can lighten their load a bit. Papa and I are always more than willing to volunteer whenever we hear "Who wants to hold a baby?" (But look at the positively squeezable baby I'm holding in this picture. Who could ever turn down an opportunity like that?!)

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