Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Was Friday, Friday

Yesterday was Friday, Friday (the day before that was is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards), and my daughter-in-law and I decided to treat ourselves to a day of pampering while my husband and two sons watched the twins.

First, we went to a posh salon and got pedicures. This was my first pedicure ever (I so excited!), and it was fun to share the experience with my daughter-in-law. I always thought mothers of daughters must enjoy having someone to do girly things with, and now--after raising five definitely un-girly boys--I finally have someone (I so excited!). We sat in big, comfy massage chairs and sipped coffee and tea while the salon gals scrubbed and groomed our feet, rubbed lotions and oils into our calves, and painted our toenails. And look how pretty our toes are! (We so excited!)
Next, we stopped in at the most adorable little coffee shop. It looked like some kind of throwback to the fifties, with vintage decor and comfy couches to sit upon. We were kickin' it at the coffee shop, drinking java spiced up with shots of butter rum (my daughter-in-law's choice) and brown sugar and cinnamon (mine), and eating warmed cinnamon rolls. We were partyin', partyin', partyin'--YEAH! Partyin', partyin', partyin'--YEAH! It was awesome. The quaint little coffee shop was connected to a small antique shop, so we just had to stop in there afterwards and browse around. I found a wonderful vintage necklace made of glass pearls and crystal beads for $10. (I so excited!) We also stopped in at a local used bookstore crammed with shelves and shelves of treasures, where I bought two paperback novels and my daughter-in-law purchased a couple of nice sewing and craftmaking books.

After our wonderful trip back in time at those three darling, old-fashioned downtown establishments, we headed uptown and ran into that dreaded modern-day "Black Friday" traffic (even though by that time it was long past the rush that occurs in the wee hours). We went into JoAnn Fabrics, but turned right around and left when we saw the long, snaking lines leading up to the registers. It just wasn't worth it to fight the crowd, we decided. We made a quick trip to Michael's; the line was pretty long there, too, but we chose to brave it in order to make our few purchases, and then we headed back home. We probably should have spent all of our precious time (and believe me, pampering time is truly a rare and precious commodity for my daughter-in-law, the busy mother of six-month-old twins) visiting the cute local establishments downtown. That was a lot more fun, fun, fun, fun (I didn't want that shopping trip to end) than the mall area. Oh, well. But I just loved this Friday, Friday. Because you know, I just gotta get down on Friday. I do.

(By the way, if you're wondering where I got these inane song lyrics, I just found out about them this weekend from my sons. There is a young girl named Rebecca Black who is currently a YouTube sensation with a song called "Friday." If you want to see a perfect example of how you don't need any real talent whatsoever to get rich and famous in this country these days, check out her YouTube video.)

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