Friday, November 18, 2011

Finding True Love

My husband and I are here at my oldest son's house, watching him and his sweet wife interact with and care for their infant twin daughters (and helping out however we can). It is a joy beyond measure to be a parent, and then to see a grown child in that role. It's also the best feeling in the world to know that our son has found his true love, the perfect woman with whom to raise those beautiful girls. Having had the wonderful experience of creating a family with my own perfect partner, the love of my life (and I assume my husband feels the same--he better!), I can only hope that our other four boys will also find their perfect mates. My husband and I pray often for their future wives--they're out there somewhere, waiting to be found. Someday.

Thinking about this concept of "finding true love" made me remember a wonderful poem written by my youngest son his freshman year in high school as part of a creative writing assignment in Honors English. (I've blogged about this son's writing talent before: "My Son the Writer," Sept. 9; and "My Son the Writer, Chapter 2," Sept. 10. I may just be a proud mama, but I do believe my baby has a real way with words.) After getting the green light from the author to publish his work on my blog, I am posting this poem for all of you romantics out there. I think you'll enjoy it.

He's going to be a true Prince Charming, this son of mine, to some lucky girl. That's all I can say.

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