Monday, July 18, 2011

Papas Need Naps, Too

Here's another classic photo for you. Is this a priceless moment captured on film, or what?

This is my husband holding Bonny Babe (that's my new little code name for the slightly older/slightly bigger of the twins, in case you missed yesterday's post). Yes, Papa wanted to rock his baby granddaughter to sleep; but he thought while he was at it, he'd catch a few winks himself. Old people like us tend to take these unplanned naps whenever we find ourselves settled into seats that are the least bit comfy. To keep this from happening we have to keep moving, like sharks.

Note that Papa and baby are each holding one hand in a very similar position. I guess when her sister Cutie Pie isn't around, Bonny Babe has to do the mirror image thing with someone. It might as well be Papa.

Also note that Bonny Babe's other grandfather can be seen in the background, looking somewhat amused. But I don't know how a person--particularly a person of a certain age--can be expected to keep his eyes open when he's holding a warm, sleeping bundle of Heaven like Bonny Babe on his lap...and he's ensconsed in an overstuffed rocker/recliner that is seriously way, way too comfortable...and the afternoon sun is streaming in the window, warming his face and causing his eyelids to droop...and he's rocking back and forth; back and forth; back and forth; back...and...What just happened? I think I must have dozed off there. What was I saying?

Oh, I was talking about my husband, wasn't I? And his tendency to fall asleep in his tracks, which I rarely ever do. (If my boys are reading this, they're having a good laugh. I can't remember the last time I made it through a whole movie on DVD without a least a little catnap or two.) Anyway, I love this picture. Sweet dreams, Papa!

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