Friday, July 29, 2011

My Dream Puppy

Okay, I already blogged this morning, and I don't like to put up two posts in one day...but my husband is on a trip, my #4 son left today to drive to VA (he's got a new job starting there, and he's moving in with son #3), my #2 son is out with friends, and my baby boy is working late at the movie theater over at the mall. That means that I'm here by myself, in a big, empty house, and it's dark and rainy outside, and I'm feeling very lonely. At moments like this, I wish I had a dog--a warm, cuddly bundle of love to snuggle up with me on the couch. When my son's dog Allie (the greatest dog in the entire world) was here with us for the months of May and June, I could always count on her to keep me company when everyone else had deserted me!

Because I miss Allie so, I have been going on-line lately, typing in "Plott Hound Puppies for Adoption"--not because I seriously think we're going to get one...but a girl can dream, can't she? And my search led me to my dream puppy a few days ago. This is a picture of her. Isn't she perfect? She's three months old and lives at a shelter not far from us; she's a Plott Hound-Labrador Retriever mix (which is the same mix as Allie, most likely) with a beautiful brindle coat; and she's even got a lovely Irish name: Bridget. I think this is what Allie must have looked like as a puppy, because this face is definitely Allie-esque--right down to the white fur around her nose and mouth. I have fallen in love with this puppy's face! [Sigh...] Yes, it's definitely a case of puppy love.

However, with twin grandbabies located halfway across the country, and our youngest son getting set to leave for his freshman year at a faraway college, and two sons working and living in VA, my husband and I are going to want to be free and unencumbered, so that we can take off at a moment's notice to travel and visit all of our loved ones. It really wouldn't be a great time to adopt a puppy dog. But if it was, this little cutie named Bridget would be my dream puppy.

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