Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mirror Images

My son, the father of the two little angels in this picture (whom he has yet to see in person), is on his way back from deployment in Afghanistan. HALLELUIA! Within a few days, he will be able to hold these two precious girls in his arms for the first time. I am so happy that he will finally be able to spend some time with his wee daughters and their wonderful mother.

My daughter-in-law went through her entire pregnancy--including several months of bedrest--and the birth of her twins, and then the first month after their birth, all without a husband by her side. She endured these hardships with grace, humor, and strength, and she is a hero to me. My son, too, had heavy burdens. He had to continue to serve his country in a far-off war zone and be satisfied with glimpses of his new little family on a computer screen via Skype; and yet, he never complained and continued to smile and chuckle through every Skype conversation we had with him. He, too, is a hero to me. These two little girls are in good hands, that's all I have to say. Having these two terrific people as parents--well, it's like they've won the lottery.

The picture above is one I took on my most recent trip to see my granddaughters (they are about four weeks old here). The two of them look so much alike anyway--but what was so funny was that they kept posing exactly alike as well, with their arms in the same positions. So often, they looked like perfect mirror images. I only regret that I didn't have my camera ready to capture them "holding hands," which they did from time to time.

Please pray for my son's safe journey home to see his baby girls. And keep his wife in your prayers, too, if you wouldn't mind; because after this two-week visit, they still have about three months to go before my son comes back from this deployment for good.

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