Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm Blogging from Arizona!

I can't believe this, but we're in Arizona, and I don't have my laptop with me--and I'm blogging! On the road! I feel a little ridiculous, though, because I'm sitting in this special little room/cubicle in the hotel that you have to use your room key to get into, and it's all set up with a computer, a phone, office supplies, and a printer. I'm sure it's here for important businessmen to conduct million-dollar deals, not for silly little housewives to keep up with their very unimportant blogs. But I really am so excited. I like my little morning routine and miss it a lot when we're traveling and I have to skip a few days (unless it's because I'm out visiting my baby granddaughters, in which case I pretty much forget about it altogether).

It is so different here than it is in New England! Everything is so brown and dry, and all the houses are box-shaped and made of earth-toned stucco. We passed an orchard of green trees on our way from the airport in Phoenix to our destination near Tuscon (I think they were pecan trees?) and a few other patches of green growing things, and they stood out like a sore thumb. I don't know if I could live in a place that has so little grass--although growing up, my sons would have loved the fact that they'd never have to mow or rake the lawn!

I really must finish this quickly, because I'm so worried that someone who REALLY needs this little office is waiting and getting frustrated. But here's the big news from our trip so far: my #2 son saw a roadrunner for the first time in his life this morning. He asked the brother who's been living out here the past four months what kind of bird it was, and was shocked that it actually was a roadrunner--a creature which he thought existed only in the animated world of Looney Tunes. He didn't hear it say "Meep Meep," or catch Wile E. Coyote setting up an anvil to drop on its head...but he saw a real live roadrunner. So that was pretty cool.

Today, we head over to the Army base for my #4 son's graduation from Military Intelligence school. He is being given the "Iron Man" award, which is a big honor. (His older brother and two of his female cousins also received this award when they attended this same school; the girls' version was called the "Iron Woman" award, of course. I have a funny story about that, but I'll save it for another time.) This son of mine is a pretty tough individual; he's pretty much made of iron. So don't mess with him, that's all I'm sayin'.

Although he flew out with us, son #2 --a very good brother--is going to begin a long road trip this afternoon, helping son #4 drive his car eastward (it's a trek of over 2,500 miles!). Later tonight, my husband and I are taking the red-eye back home. And I'm looking forward to our flight as much as I always do.

I still can't believe that I blogged from here. This whole world of computers and the internet utterly blows my mind. No matter where you are, you can stay connected! How does it all work? We can Skype with our oldest son in Afghanistan and see his smile as he talks to us. Modern technology is amazing! It's almost as amazing as airplanes flying through the sky. What a crazy, wonderful world!

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