Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daddy's Little Girls

I am going to try to make my next few posts short and sweet (hey--that description fits my twin granddaughters!). I've been traveling a lot lately and have let some things that need doing around here slide--but don't worry, son #3, I am still working hard on that special project, (;--so I need to step away from my blogger dashboard and get them done. But I have several pictures I want to post that truly are the kind that speak a thousand words, so I won't have to write much to go with them.

The photo above is one of the gazillion that I took during the time my husband and I were out in the Midwest for our granddaughters' Baptism. I love to catch people unawares, when they don't know they're having their picture taken. They don't always like the whole "candid camera" routine--say, if you catch them making some weird expression or something of that nature. But some of my favorite shots are taken from behind anyway, because I think that sometimes people convey as much with their body language as they do with their faces. When I saw my oldest son, the new daddy home on leave from Afghanistan, sitting there gazing down at his baby daughters over the side of their crib, I quietly slipped away to grab my trusty camera and capture this ineffably touching moment for posterity. I'm so glad I did, because this simple picture tells the whole story of how besotted my boy is with his tiny baby girls.

My son's tender heart, always a large and loving one, has been introduced to a type of love the enormity of which he could never have imagined until now, and he is forever and profoundly changed. He is a FATHER. His life will never be the same. He will never be able to look at the world in the same way again, because now it will seem fraught with dangers he hardly noticed for his own sake; but the world will also be a happier, fuller, more interesting place, now that his daughters--those wondrous blessings from God--are in it. And no matter how old they get, they will always be Daddy's little girls.

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