Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday, and I don't want to make too big a deal out of it. I mean, I'm happy I'm still here to celebrate another year of life...but that doesn't mean I particularly like the number of candles on my cake. As my aunt (my father's only sister) said this past weekend at the family reunion "Palooza," she has had a wonderful life and has loved each and every year; she just can't believe how many of them there have been! I can definitely relate to that sentiment.

The reunion at my sister's house on the lake presented a plethora of opportunities for water activites that involved donning a bathing suit, but there's nothing I hate more than having that much skin exposed. I did go for a swim and a rowboat ride with my hubby, and this meant I had to "put on my trunks," as he likes to say. But I was happy to get back into more modest attire afterward. Even when I was a teen and a twenty-something, I couldn't walk about in a bathing suit unless I had a big towel tied securely around my waist. These days, I put swim shorts on over my one-piece, and then a knee-length beach cover-up over everything; the beach cover-up doesn't come off until I'm about to put my toes into the water, and then it goes on again the minute I get back on dry land!

I'm posting a picture today of the last time I looked really cute in a bathing suit. It was taken 50 years ago--a half of a century ago!--at the Jersey Shore, when I was three. Okay, now you know how old I am.

Anyway, I guess there are more important things in life than looking great in a bathing suit. My husband still says, "You're a beach angel!" (because he likes to quote funny movies and T.V. commercials--see my July 17 post titled "Cutie Pie is a Genius!" if you're confused by this reference). As long as he sees me that way, I'll be fine.

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