Saturday, June 25, 2011

T-Rex Toys: They're Not Just for Kids

I had so much fun doing "T-Rex Week," reminiscing about how much my boys all loved to draw T-Rex and play with T-Rex toys when they were little fellas...then I remembered this amusing picture. It was taken just last Christmas, when Santa (forgetting, apparently, that these four ranged in age from 17 to 25) left some stocking stuffers that were a hit. Look at the Christmas joy on those faces; it reminds me of Ralphie when he got his Red Rider B-B Gun in the movie "A Christmas Story." This just goes to show that a man usually has a little boy inside him, and that little boy is never too old for T-Rex toys.

Today's post had to be a quickie, because we're going to watch our youngest son play in a senior All-Star lacrosse game with a neighboring state. It's a two-hour drive and we're going to be gone all day, so I've got to get ready now. But I just couldn't resist sharing this picture of sons #2 through 5--they're fine young men, but still kids at heart.

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