Monday, June 6, 2011

A Glorious Sunrise

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, last night was my youngest son's all-night graduation extravaganza known as "Last Blast," and my husband and I were chaperones. This was the fifth time that we pulled this all-nighter in order to share this wonderful experience with our sons, and it will be the last. And we sure went out of the Last Blast chaperoning business with a bang! The festivities always end with a breakfast cruise, and while they're on the boat the kids watch the sun come up on the first day that they are officially no longer high school students. Isn't that a great way for these friends to say good-bye--and a fine way for these young people to welcome the dawn of a new day (get it?) and the beginning of the next chapter of their lives? It's downright metaphorical. And my husband and I have seen some good ones on these Last Blast cruises; but this morning, the sunrise was without a doubt the most glorious of them all.

I thought I'd share the magical beauty of this picture-perfect New England sunrise with you.
I'm pretty proud of this photograph, which was taken with my Canon Power Shot SX100IS--the greatest camera I've ever owned. I think it's beautiful enough to put on a postcard!

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