Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"B" and "A" Are on the Way

I already put up a post this morning, and I don't usually like to do two in one day; but I just heard some very exciting news from my daughter-in-law's mother on my answering machine. The babies, heretofore known only as "Twin A" and "Twin B," will most likely arrive tomorrow! We will finally know if they're two boys or two girls, and what their names are going to be!

Today at her appointment, my daughter-in-law's doctor made the decision to keep her in the hospital overnight, as her blood pressure has been a bit high recently. Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., labor will be induced with pitocin, and at 6:30 they plan to break her water. I pray that means that tomorrow will be the babies' birthday (let's hope they come in a timely fashion and make things as easy as possible on their dear mommy!). What a great birthday for twins: 2 babies born on June 2! How fitting that would be!

I'm afraid that it will be hard to sleep tonight, but that's okay; if I can't, I'll just say lots of prayers. I'll ask my daughter-in-law's Guardian Angel to be by her side as she labors to bring those two little souls into the world. I'll ask the babies' Guardian Angels to watch over them as they make their way out of the safe haven in which they've been snuggled up together all these months. I'll pray that all three of them are resting peacefully together by this time tomorrow night, if not sooner.

If you are reading this, please pray, too: for my daughter-in-law, for her twin babies, and for the twins' father, who can't be there because he's on deployment in Afghanistan. Thank you!

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