Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Sunday, March 20 was the official first day of spring. That's what the calendar says anyway. But this is what I saw when I looked out my windows the evening of the 21st, after it had been snowing steadily all day long. Spring indeed! The snow is beautiful and everything...but come on! Enough is enough.

You gotta love springtime in New England!

This week is the first week of practice for my youngest son's high school varsity lacrosse team. Luckily, the snow doesn't tend to stick around too long when it falls this late in the season, so they were actually able to get out onto the field for practice yesterday. But there's always that possibility that Old Man Winter isn't through with us yet.

My son's lax-playing cousins who live down in Virginia and North Carolina have been practicing for awhile already. It's no wonder that those balmy states send more boys on to play lacrosse in big-time Division 1 college programs than our little Northern state does!

Oh well, in spite of our brutal and wicked long winters and our non-existent springs, I still wouldn't live anywhere else but here.

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