Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Victorian Artwork

Okay, yesterday I posted something about the Notre Dame hockey team, because I don't want to completely lose the attention of my sons who are following my blog. But today, I'm sharing something more on the girly side! (Sorry, guys.)

This adorable illustration is from a card I found and couldn't resist buying. (I seem to be on a dog kick lately, don't I?) The inside reads: "Friendship is sharing in the same simple joys."

These two friends are sharing a book--I think they've started their own little book club.

I just love Victorian artwork. There is something so sweet about it. (See the illustration from "A Morning Prayer," March 12, for another fine example.) Every now and then, I'm going to post samples of it, just because it makes me happy!

If you like this "Victorian Greetings" brand card, it's from a company out of Lenexa, Kansas called the Victorian Trading Company (http://victoriantradingco.com/). They sell a lot of other cool Victoriana, too.


  1. haha are you really getting up at 3:13 in the morning to blog???

  2. No, I like blogging, but not THAT much! I don't know why my computer is posting those crazy times. The clock on my screen has the right time, so I don't know what's going on. (You can add about 4 hours to any time it says on there.)