Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Notre Dame Wins Fencing Title

For those of you who think you're dyed-in-the-wool, loyal to the core Notre Dame sports fans, I doubt that any of you can hold a candle to my husband. If ND had an underwater basket weaving team, he would follow it. He follows every sport they play, and I mean every sport.

While the rest of you were probably focused on the Irish basketball and hockey teams in recent days, how many of you were aware that last night, the Irish fencing team won the national championship? My husband was in Europe for work, yet he knew and informed me about it during our phone conversation. (In fact, he asked me if I was going to blog about it, and I said probably not; I told him that I just did a blog about the hockey team yesterday, and I didn't want to talk about sports all the time.) I've already posted one blog today, but here I am again, back at the computer. I just couldn't help myself: I felt compelled to give those lesser-known Notre Dame athletes their due.

So congrats to the Irish fencers! Well done, gentlemen.

(If it seemed like I was lumping fencing in with underwater basket weaving, that wasn't my intention. Fencing is actually one of the oldest gentlemen's sports, and I imagine it requires lots of skill and athletic ability.)

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  1. Ha ha! Congrats to the fencers. That's awesome.