Monday, March 21, 2011

No Luck for the Irish

If you've been caught up in March Madness AND you're a rabid Notre Dame fan (both of those attributes would apply to sports fans in our house), you're probably feeling a little under the weather after last night's game.

The Fighting Irish lost to Florida State 71-57 in what was a losing battle pretty much from the get-go. They played possibly their worst game of the season (both of their usual offensive superstars, Ben Hansbrough, Big East Player of the Year, and Tim Abromaitis, were just ice cold) while Florida State played one of their best--on both sides of the ball--and the combination was lethal for Notre Dame.

So our beloved Irish won't be moving on to the Sweet Sixteen; instead, they're heading back to South Bend, before the dance is over, any hopes for winning a national championship crushed.

The good news is that 3 out of the 5 starting seniors from this year's team are doing a 5th year at ND and will be back next basketball maybe next year will be ND's lucky year.

(My poor middle son: did you have to call in sick for work this morning?)

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  1. no... but i wanted to. i think i lived up to my namesake last night... lots of yelling at the tv. thank goodness i was alone haha