Monday, March 28, 2011

Irish Skate on to Frozen Four (or: The Puck of the Irish)

If you're a Notre Dame fan, you've probably been down in the dumps since the basketball team's crushing blow last week, a disappointing loss that kept the Irish from advancing to the Sweet Sixteen (see "No Luck for the Irish," March 21). Well, this morning, you're probably feeling a whole lot happier.

As Lloyd Christmas might say, the hockey team went and totally redeemed ND last night by beating the University of New Hampshire Wildcats (who had home-state advantage for the game) 2-1 and advancing on to the Frozen Four. Huzzah!

In a way, the outcome of this game, no matter which team had won it, was going to be a little bit of a win-win for our nuclear family, as we feel an allegiance to both ND and UNH. But the entire extended Pearl family--and it's huge, believe me--is filled with manic Notre Dame fans, and we know a lot of people who are feeling pretty pumped up today.

So here's to a national championship title for the ND hockey team! Go Irish!


  1. mom, it's FROZEN four, not final four. just fyi

  2. I'm a n00b!

    I just came down to edit this post because I realized I'd put "Frozen Four" in the article, but not in the title. Then I saw your comment. I was hoping to fix the title before you read this!

    That's what I get for trying to be a sports writer. (Just trying to keep you and your brothers following my blog!)