Tuesday, April 9, 2019

DIY Project: Mantel Decor

Recently, I have been thinking about painting our fireplace surround and mantel dark green or Kelly green.

The living room in our VA house is a soft sage green, and we have an accent wall in our breakfast nook that is Irish green (the actual color listed on the paint can is "Emerald Isle"!  Love it!).  These rooms were already painted these colors by the previous owners, and I definitely didn't want to change what they'd done.  I just love, love green!

It's not that our family room mantel isn't pretty with its golden oak finish...but I think I've been watching too much HGTV lately, and so I've been hankering to find a DIY project of some kind to tackle.

Ultimately, after some careful consideration, I didn't have the guts to pull the trigger...YET!  So instead I went to JoAnn's and bought some wooden letters for $1 apiece, stained them, and attached them with picture hanging putty so they won't be permanent and I can remove them if I come to my senses.

You might have guessed that those are the initials of my husband's and my first names.  (I already have a large wooden "P" on the wall in this room, or perhaps I would have done a "couples monogram" and put one of those in that middle rectangle instead of the ampersand--and yes, Laura learned a new word.)

When my #2 son (a big-time teaser from way back) saw what I'd done here, he told his wife that if she loved him, she would put his initials on their fireplace.  LOL!

Obviously, this is not a home décor blog.  And obviously, I am not a professional home decorator.  But I do kind of like the way these inexpensive embellishments make our fireplace--and our home-- really feel like it's "ours" (his & mine), two years in.

After the letter embellishments were added, I decided that perhaps it was time to figure out how to make all those unattractive black electrical cords hanging down the sides look a little less--how do I put this?--unattractive.

It's funny, those cords haven't really bothered me in the two years we've been living here.  And I do like having our ginormous flat-screen mounted over the fireplace, cords notwithstanding.  A nice painting would have looked more HGTV-ish, perhaps; but the new house has a very open floor plan and my husband thought it would be great to be able to see the TV from the nearby kitchen and eating area as well as the family room.  (This is a nice feature, I must admit.  I can keep watching whatever Netflix show which we happen to be binge-watching at the moment when I stand at the sink washing dishes.  We also have an excellent view of the TV from the kitchen table in the breakfast nook.)

But those ugly cords!

About a week ago, I just happened to see a picture of fabric electrical cord covers posted on a home decorating Instagram account I follow, and that led me to Google them.  And sure enough, I found just what I was looking for on Amazon.  The ones I ordered have Velcro closures all the way down their entire length, so if you need to get at your cords it's easy to remove and reattach them.  Perfecto!

Although truly, are the burlap scrunchies really any better-looking than the cords?  You be the judge.

If you like the idea of covering your unsightly electrical cords in fabric scrunchies but never thought of doing so before you stumbled upon this blog post, well then you're welcome.  :)

Bye for now!  (Posts about the Rome trip are in the works.  Stay tuned...)

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